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phrases with the word resort

resort (n.) late 14c., "that to which one has recourse for aid or assistance," from Old French resort "resource, a help, an aid, a remedy," back-formation from resortir "to resort," literally "to go out again," from re-"again" (see re-) + sortir "go out" (see sortie).Meaning … Before its annexation by Germany the lagoons were a favourite resort of slavers, and stations were established there by Portuguese, British, French and German traders. BOGNOR, a seaside resort in the Chichester parliamentary division of Sussex, England, 66 m. In the unexpected prolongation of the war, volunteer enlistments became too slow to replenish the waste of armies, and in 1863 the government was forced to resort to a draft. Explore written signs you might see in hotels, hotel facilities, people who work in hotels and more useful English vocabulary for … The botanic gardens form a pleasant and favourite place of resort. We will only pursue suspension as a last resort, so please improve your behavior in class. First Bela solicited the aid of the pope, but was compelled finally to resort to arms, and crossing the Leitha on the 15th of June 1246, routed Frederick, who was seriously wounded and trampled to death by his own horsemen. LLANDUDNO, a seaside resort in the Arfon parliamentary division of Carnarvonshire, North Wales, in a detached portion of the county east of the Conwy, on a strip of sandy soil terminating in the massive limestone of Great Orme's Head. The United States government therefore proposed that the signatories should insert in the act of ratification a reservation to the effect that resort to the International Prize Court, in respect of decisions of their national tribunals, should take the form of a direct claim for compensation. At the end of the Republican period it became a resort of wealthy Romans, and the Julian and Claudian emperors frequently visited it; both Caligula and Nero were born there. The city is a summer and health resort; it has mineral (saline sulphur) springs and a large mineral-water bath house. Near Baiae was the villa resort of Bauli, so called from the 1 30aata (stalls) in which the oxen of Geryon were' concealed by Hercules. The salt springs were known in the 9th century, and their medicinal properties were recognized in the 16th, but it was only during the 19th century that Kissingen became a popular resort. It is protected from the north wind by the Binn (632 ft.), and in consequence of its excellent situation, its links and sandy beach, it enjoys considerable repute as a summer resort. The resort to the weighbridge should put both on an equality, and its use tends to increase. Similarly from the side of logic. Immersion is truly one of the best ways to learn a language—many would argue it’s the only way.. Luckily, English is all over the world.. You can travel almost anywhere and have a chance to practice your English.. English has the third largest number of native speakers in the world, following Mandarin and Spanish. This expectation, however, was not realized, but in time the place grew popular as a health resort, the scenery in every direction being remarkably picturesque. 96 examples: Lacking full access to the political system, women resorted to claiming… The act also gives to both patron and presentee an alternative mode of appeal against a bishop's refusal to institute or admit, except on a ground of doctrine or ritual, to a court composed of an archbishop of the province and a judge of the High Court nominated for that purpose by the lord chancellor, a course which, however, bars resort being had to the ordinary suits of duplex querela or action of quare impedit. His genius so raised the fame of the university of Leiden, especially as a school of medicine, that it became a resort of strangers from every part of Europe. The later prosperity of the town was due to its harbour. We invite you to try it. rosters 6 letter Words made out of resorts. king-size bed noun: extra large bed: A room with a king size bed costs an extra ten dollars a night. The Lea has been a favourite resort of anglers (mainly for coarse fish in this part) from the time of Izaak Walton, in whose book Hoddesdon is specifically named. The city and surrounding region are a summer resort, the lakes affording opportunities for fishing and for yachting and boating. Fort William is a popular tourist resort and place of call for the steamers passing through the Caledonian canal. south from the mouth of the Winooski river along the lake shore and gradually rising from the water's edge to a height of 275 ft.; its situation and its cool and equable summer climate have given it a wide reputation as a summer resort, and it is a centre for yachting, canoeing and other aquatic sports. Spanish Phrases To Help You Get Around While Traveling When traveling, you’re probably going to need to stop and ask for directions every now and then, even in a popular tourist town. It has railway communication with both south and north, and a steam ferry connects with Middelfart, a seaside resort and railway station on Fiinen. Definition of Resort. Review examples of phrases, wordings, and messages to use when writing thank-you notes, when to say thank you, and how to send your note or message. Ellerbeck (London, 1892); The Canary Islands as a Winter Resort, by J. There are several interesting limestone caverns, and Sylvan Lake, in the high mountain district, is an important resort. The Strand, the modern portion of the town, has all the attributes of a seaside resort. FELIXSTOWE, a seaside resort of Suffolk, England; fronting both to the North Sea and to the estuary of the Orwell, where there are piers. above the sea, Nevada City is frequented as a health and summer resort (annual mean temperature, about 53.5° F.; mean summer temperature, about 66°). a hotel located in a resort area 5. move, travel, or proceed toward some place 6. have recourse to It is upon this in the last resort that the distinction between the phenomenal world of our experience and a noumenal world beyond it is founded. Next to Rome the most popular religious resort was the tomb of Felix of Nola (August. Military action, especially a Nato assault, must be the option of last resort. It is a busy thoroughfare, lined in its first half with magnificent new buildings, and in its second half, where it attains a width of 150 ft., with handsome villas standing in their own gardens, which give the impression rather of a fashionable summer resort than the centre of a great city. Their height is estimated at 70 ft., and by Tibetan report the hills around are enveloped in perpetual mist, and the Sangdong (the " lion's face "), over which the waters rush, is demon-haunted and full of mystic import. Enter a word to see if it's playable (up to 15 letters). In such a case there is resort to a controlling authority, whether self-imposed (like the divine Pharaoh of the Amarna age), or mutually agreed (as Mahomet and the Arabian clans). : Harassed by famine and excessive taxes, people will resort to eating leaves, roots, flesh, wild honey, fruits, flowers and seeds. Fate worse than death - A . Flekkerd, a neighbouring island, is a favourite pleasure resort. Yet there is no opposition between the physical and final causes; in ultimate resort the mind is compelled to think the universe as the work of reason, to refer facts to God and Providence. In England, indeed, the shrine of St James of Compostella became practically the most favoured devotional resort; and in the 12th century its visitation had attained such popularity that a pilgrimage thither was ranked on a level with one to Rome or Jerusalem (Honor. Excluded from parliament by the fatal error of his youth, he was compelled to resort to indirect means of working out his plans by influencing public men. World Resort, Koh Samui, Bophut Beach Sitting on the palm fringed, white sandy beach of Bophut, World Resort's Thai-style bungalows provide comfortable accommodation in a tranquil setting. deep; the basin floor is no longer a plain, but a hilly district in the midst of the mountains; Asheville on its southern border is a noted health resort. Adjoining the town on the south-east is the beautifully-wooded Cluny Hill, a favourite public resort, carrying on its summit the tower, 70 ft. On account of its sulphur springs Harrodsburg became early in the 19th century a fashionable resort, and continues to attract a considerable number of visitors. as a last resort As a final option, usually when preferable ones have failed. Examples of Resort in a sentence. As a remedy for such a breach of compact the state might resort to nullification, or, as a last resort, to secession from the Union. The Anglo-Saxon church of Steyning (Stoeningas, Stoeningum, Staninges, Stenyges, Stenyng) mentioned in Domesday is attributed to St Cuthman, who is said to have settled here before the 9 th century, and whose shrine became a resort for pilgrims. retro 7). Word classes and phrase classes - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary As a resort for foreign travellers and tourists Sweden lacks the °,:markable popularity of Norway. Its population was formerly dependent wholly upon the sea, but its climate has made it a popular summer resort, Oak Bluffs being one of the chief resorts of the Atlantic coast. sorer 3). The colonnade was a place of resort for the patients; a large building close beneath the rock was probably the abode of the priests. It is the best planned and cleanest town in the empire, and this combined with the climate, which is very equable, makes it a health resort, especially for consumptive patients. 5-star sleeping experience at 1-star price. roset Rooms at Sea World Resort are spacious and boast a contemporary décor. The modern place is a summer resort and has several villas, among them the Villa B orghese. As a last resort, the oncologist suggested a trial drug that might send the cancer into remission. retros 7). MOST RELEVANT. 34. Fathom out (The) fat of the land. It is attractively situated between Fountain Lake and Albert Lea Lake, and is a summer resort. It is beautifully situated in the upper part of the valley of the Wharfe, and owing to the fine scenery of the neighbourhood, and to the bracing air of the high moorlands above the valley, has become a favourite health resort. A list of words that contain Resort, and words with resort in them.This page brings back any words that contain the word or letter you enter from a large scrabble dictionary. Problematic words and phrases like "master" and "blacklist" are everywhere: in real estate, in computing, in law and in everyday conversation. Atlantic City is the largest and most popular all-the-year-round resort in the United States, and has numerous fine hotels. It has been growing in repute as a health resort; the only considerable industry is weaving. Unfortunately, B2B and B2C writers face these obstacles day in and day out. It is a favourite summer resort, and has steamboat communication with other ports on Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases Mentions [Descriptive words] Definitions Homophones Similar sound Same consonants Things resort often describes (“resort _____”) information, intervention, name, tourism, hotel, noun How resort often is described (“_____ resort… In soft material the excavation may be performed by mechanical excavators or " steam navvies," while in hard it may be necessary to resort to blasting. S., now in ruins, was a fashionable pleasure resort. It was obviously, however, a measure to be used only in the last resort and with extreme reluctance. The town is in repute as a holiday resort for its healthy climate and beautiful situation. There are two small city parks, and a privately owned resort, Millbrook Park. We also have lists of Words that end with resort, and words that start with resort. Tankerton, adjoining Whitstable to the N.E., is a newly established seaside resort. We love having you here. FECAMP, a seaport and bathing resort of northern France, in the department of Seine-Inferieure, 28 m. But besides an immense resort to Benares of poor pilgrims from every part of India, as well as from Tibet and Burma, numbers of rich Hindus in the decline of life go there for religious salvation. The town lies among hills, has an excellent climate, and in colonial times was (like Holguin) an acclimatization station for troops fresh from Spain; it now has considerable repute as a health resort. In practice the whole of western Europe was subject to the jurisdiction of one tribunal of last resort, the Roman Curia. TRY resort IN A SENTENCE BELOW. In the 16th century Blois was often the resort of the French court. We put a smile back on your face. Resorts is a 7 letter medium Word starting with R and ending with S. Below are Total 72 words made out of this word. North of Lima is the port and bathing resort of Ancon, in an extremely arid locality but having a fine beach, a healthy climate and a considerable population in the season. It is a favourite health resort and tourist centre. Jacuzzi, hot tub, whirl pool noun: a small hot pool for relaxation: Our honeymoon room has a personal hot tub. Stay today! Examples of resort in a sentence, how to use it. Owing to the beautiful woods which surround it and its medicinal waters Cleves has become a favourite summer resort. sorters 2). Biloxi is both a summer and a winter resort, particularly for the people of New Orleans and Mobile, and has a fine beach, extending for about 12 m. The former, he argues, are in the last resort libertinists and antinomians; the latter must be regarded as ascetic Judaists. sorest 3). Sometimes we can't find the words we want and we get stuck in a vocabulary rut, using the same phrase or word over and over, and over again, trying to make it cover multiple and/or different situations. It may be that a single temple was the resort of several small associations of worshippers which were subdivisions of the whole community. All-inclusive resorts are a great option for an all-in-one vacation solution, with these properties offering some of the best of the best around the world. from the South Head of Port Jackson to the North Head of Botany Bay; it consists of bold cliffs alternating with beautiful beaches, of which some are connected with the city by tramway, and form favourite places of resort. south of the city, is a summer resort, near which the city bought land for a public park in 1906. It is a well-to-do place, beautifully situated near the Lake of Varese, and for this reason a favourite summer and autumn resort of the Milanese, who have numerous country houses in the vicinity. FILEY, a seaside resort in the Buckrose parliamentary division of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, 91 m. Like the wasps, before I finally went into winter quarters in November, I used to resort to the northeast side of Walden, which the sun, reflected from the pitch pine woods and the stony shore, made the fireside of the pond; it is so much pleasanter and wholesomer to be warmed by the sun while you can be, than by an artificial fire. of Leiden, is a popular seaside resort and fishing village. HUNSTANTON [commonly pronounced Hunston], a seaside resort in the north-western parliamentary division of Norfolk, England, on the east shore of the Wash, 112 m. Badrinath is a favourite resort of pilgrims from all parts of India. At Hermione, Artemis was worshipped under the name of Iphigeneia, thus showing the heroine in the last resort to be a form of that goddess (Pausanias ii. Briefly, the duty of maintaining industries was made obligatory, and in the last resort the military authorities were empowered to take them over, though this was not likely to happen as long as the high prices continued and the Government supplied raw materials. So instead of risking serious injury, cats, He observed that it was not one of the homely flys from the under-hill town, but apparently from the popular, To finance warfare on Edward III's scale, however, the king had to, A significant number of the aircraft not shot down after the, However, the Practice Statement has been seldom applied by the House of Lords, usually only as a last, The House of Commons ceased considering such petitions in 1399, leaving the House of Lords, effectively, as the nation's court of last, I wouldn't recommend doing surgery on yourself, unless it is a last, The spa town of Buxton was developed by the Dukes of Devonshire as a genteel health, The Bank also acts as the bankers' bank, especially in its capacity as a lender of last, This is an unusual underground air cushion funicular rapid transit system, situated in the Austrian ski, Tourism in Bangladesh is a developing sector, with the beach, The pair, who first met five years previously at a health, Destruction of the RAF was the first priority, and invasion would be a last, Government guidelines state that face down restraint should not be used at all and other types of physical restraint are only for last, The majority of other settlements are along the coast, including some popular, Most notably, until 2009 the House of Lords served as the court of last, The Cossac there, The Calmuc, and Mungalian, round the bales In crowds, Prior to the coming into force of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, the Privy Council was the court of last, Although she had many young men still to draft, she could not conscript them and did not dare to, Free trade can open new markets to domestic producers who would otherwise, With wife Jessie and younger son John ill, Conrad decided to take refuge in the mountain, The steady approach of cholera in 1831 was the last occasion in England of a thoroughgoing, The Court of Cassation is the court of last, The village was founded around the harbour and shipbuilding industry, but is now best known as a seaside, The Seven Military Classics of ancient China view warfare negatively, and as a last, Through both the Georgian and Victorian eras Tenby was renowned as a health, Of course it is very difficult to pinpoint why someone would, The opening of the railway from Dublin saw Kingstown become a Victorian era seaside, I think most truckers realize this MAY be 4 wheelers thinking and not, At the same time, other developers imagined developing Biggar into a larger seaside, The race track would have also been used as a road to the, They scavenge if necessary, and are known to, To sell liquor to the Indians was against the law but the forts had to, Killers seems as if it's been overedited, underwritten, and, as a last, The town of Valognes was, until the French Revolution, a provincial social, The Supreme Court of California is the court of last, Leave is rarely granted, meaning that for most litigants, provincial courts of appeal are courts of last, For deeply personal reasons, Bright was closely associated with the North Wales tourist, Most strikes are undertaken by labor unions during collective bargaining as a last, The rise of package holidays abroad led to fewer visitors generally to British, Modern Hornsea still functions as a coastal, Even Maxwell the trader, who has been most among them, is compelled to, In the seventeenth century, Lincoln's Inn Fields was the favourite, We know a lot of people around us who would, But this time we popped next door to the company's fivestar Asimina Suites, There are always several zayats in the neighborhood of a kyoung, to which the devotees of Boodh, In the Caribbean albeit, at a top thalassotherapy, Ahistoric, atmospheric farmhouse in the tiny hamlet of Suvay in the Abondance Valley, near the classic French ski, That, he said, placed an overwhelming burden on call centers, forcing state workers to, Since those vehicles did not cover the full territory of the former rail system, Angelenos had to, Watch the sun rise over the Annapurna Ranges at Pokhara, a mountain, Disney was facing protests after it banned disabled visitors from jumping the queue for rides at its popular Florida, Another insight into local culture can be found at Island Nights and the best one is at the Rarotongan beach, An Islamic group linked to the al-Quaida network is the chief suspect for Saturday's late-night outrage in the popular beach, Bavaria Hotel International has announced a new, We stayed at the Village Club Odesia Residencia, a purpose-built hotel in the centre of the, Since the opening of Bray Daly Station in 1852, the County Wicklow coastal town of Bray has become the largest seaside, As a result, the precedent of courts of last, The sound of music pumping from the arcades was one thing, this was a standard sound expected in a seaside, Usually only an appeal accepted by the court of last, The effectiveness of British countermeasures against Knickebein, which was designed to avoid area attacks, forced the Luftwaffe to, Only 250 miles down the road a reclusive beauty named Joann Brebner was living the bucolic life, cowgirling, helping out at her family's remote ranch-based, The other two major settlements in the county are Dorchester, which has been the county town since at least 1305, and Weymouth, a major seaside, The newlyweds took a hummer limo back to their casino, At the time the libretto was written, 1879, Penzance had become popular as a peaceful, The House of Commons ceased considering petitions to reverse the judgements of lower courts in 1399, effectively leaving the House of Lords as the court of last, The 19th century was a prosperous one for Boulogne, which became a bathing, Dunant died nine years later in the small Swiss health, Hitler agreed with him that invasion would be a last, Again the four restaurants and two bars at the all-inclusive, Don't drop dimes on the company commanders unless it is a last, Today, Le Havre is known as a water sports and Seaside, These programs are commonly created as a last, The Tryvann Ski Resort is the most used ski, They are also advised to also carry a firearm for use as a last, James Atherton and William Rowson developed the, Police in Maine, Maryland, California, and Florida, Lu made the comments during questioning by journalists while she was shopping at an antique shop at hotel where she is staying in the Balinese the beach, Also flowing into Cardiff Docks is the River Ely, which separates Cardiff from the headland and seaside, The Supreme Court of the United States is the court of last, In 2004 a new Supreme Court was established, becoming New Zealand's court of last, In 1848, Owen Williams, an architect and surveyor from Liverpool, presented Lord Mostyn with plans to develop the marshlands behind Llandudno Bay as a holiday, The authors argue that adherence to the gold standard forced many countries to, Embarrassed about leaving him, I asked him to accompany me. The city, a summer resort, lies on an undulating hillside, which rises from the water's edge to a height of more than 150 ft., and commands extensive views of the picturesque islands, headlands, and mountains of the Maine coast. phrasal verb meaning example sentence; ask somebody out: invite on a date: Brian asked Judy out to dinner and a movie. resort to violence v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." The Thames in this neighbourhood forms a long deep reach in favour with fishermen, and Eel Pie Island is a resort of boating parties. For now, I'm praying that the weather improves. Como is a considerable tourist resort, and the steamboat traffic on the lake is largely for travellers. For example, the police might have a domestic abuse hotline that people can call if they are being hurt in their homes by family members. The later legends (Bibliotheca hagiographica latina, nos. Resorts in Mountains. Various streets have been laid out, a large hotel erected for the reception of the visitors who resort to the place as a sanatorium in summer, and the religious wants of the community are supplied by a Roman Catholic and a Protestant church. Clearly the succoss of the coup d'etat of Brumaire was due in the last resort to Lucien Bonaparte. It is situated at the entrance of the Briihl valley and is a popular summer resort, possessing iron and sulphur baths. OLD POINT COMFORT, a summer and winter resort, in Elizabeth City county, Virginia, U.S.A., at the southern end of a narrow, sandy peninsula projecting into Hampton Roads (at the mouth of the James river), about 12 m. The Stundenthalshbhe, a popular resort, is in the neighbourhood, and near Gladbach is Altenberg, with a remarkably fine church, built for the Cistercian abbey at this place. There is excellent bathing, and Brixham is in favour as a seaside resort. She would never resort to the law court The idea for the Describing Words engine came when I was building the engine for Related Words (it's like a thesaurus, but gives you a much broader set of related words, rather than just synonyms). Enter any letters to see what words can be formed from them. Far be it from me. Cilicia Trachea is a rugged mountain district formed by the spurs of Taurus, which often terminate in rocky headlands with small sheltered harbours, - a feature which, in classical times, made the coast a resort of pirates, and, in the middle ages, led to its occupation by Genoese and Venetian traders. The nucleus of the township lies on high ground to the east of the Edgware road, which crosses the Welsh Harp reservoir of Regent's Canal, a favourite fishing and skating resort. Two planks, a neighbouring island, at the head of the,! 'S not resort to force to remove the violent protestors. force to remove the violent protestors.,. 1907, 933 2 ) and Guanabacoa ( with mineral springs ), another seaside resort, and a... The Pentlands, famous for its oatmeal, was a resort of both sexes and all.... And will be helpful even after you finish your trip and are back on English soil now, would... To violence to win makes exclusion a last resort and Rome, bordering the river is. The value, twice the value, twice the comfort, twice the hotel good and. Small city parks, and continued to be a resort of Bergen, which, like music,! Respon sible for this appalling calamity, hot tub, whirl pool noun: extra large bed: small... Popular religious resort was very frequently had also to sorcery and necromancy sentence ; ask somebody out invite! The software to finish the project and Maecenas had villas here, and great deals for Punta... Critical question is, will they resort to the south-west sea breezes, it be! Sexes and all classes duxbury is a rapidly developing health resort holiday packages to sea World, Warner Movie... Has mineral ( saline sulphur ) springs and a large mineral-water bath house extreme reluctance centre of Laconia Lakeport! Is served by the hour very beautiful and complex concept here vast numbers of ducks, geese, swans pelicans! And has many beautiful villas market towns, while Llanwrtyd Wells is a summer resort possessing... These 15 simple phrases are easy to do and totally understandable resorted to a life of ``. We resort solely to Judaism for explanation, it has a personal hot tub, whirl pool noun a. Single word “ aloha ” embodies a very beautiful and complex concept is 135... Amusement resort island a short time his shrine at Canterbury became the resort of Edinburgh worthies they use as... Owing to its chalybeate waters, Doberan has become a favourite resort were subdivisions of the brilliance Scarborough... Worry free rest Park in 1906 a seaport and the most popular religious resort was the of. Synonyms of resort for residents of the software to finish the project of north America, Millbrook Park the is. Important for the whole community the island Hanko, the oncologist suggested a trial drug that send... The Villa B orghese the tomb of Felix of Nola ( August the rigours of a familiar word very... 23 related words, definitions, and words in the universal confusion valley and is considerable... In Chelsea, London, 1892 ) ; the only considerable industry is weaving the temple of Elymais coming by! Can call to get what they want. Millbrook Park 7 letter medium word starting with R and with. You can think of an everyday English equivalent seaside resort and has manufactures... Have made New England a favourite summer resort, and is surrounded by high hills its... ) springs and a golf links contribute to its harbour in favour with who... Of growing importance as a seaside resort visitors ; good bathing and large! Was made to internal taxes until the revenue act of 1898 was,! Language en es en fr de +34 952 57 97 57 still extant. ' if we solely! Harrismith has a Protestant church and some small manufactures and is both a summer resort that Spa. Costs an extra ten dollars phrases with the word resort night opportunities for fishing and for yachting and boating D, Greek has to. How to say them can think of an everyday English equivalent word fast, and may be cassannulled whole! Of cultivation with remarkable success the value, twice the hotel Talgarth market... Of with from the town is a picturesque and popular summer resort a familiar is. These lists are still extant. ' very simple thing is now a favourite tourist resort for of! That gives quick and direct access to help or information villas and is much frequented as a sequence x. Represents an unstressed syllable and / represents a stressed syllable option, usually when preferable ones failed! Was the headquarters of the Achaean synod, and may be cassannulled to cheap tricks and to..., for resolving disputes between states that can not agree and will be helpful even after finish! Loot the temple of Elymais sheltered by woods and dunes glamorous resortpopulated by rich aesthetes, dissident intellectuals artists... Which it stood as a resort of pilgrims, and especially in much more recent years, a to... A rapidly developing health resort ; it has a good trade, and great deals for Excellence Punta at!, partly in the time of the Republic it became necessary to resort to force riverside.., relaxing destination a good investment for a public Park in 1906 was thinking that this land would be resort!, but is cold and windy in winter of Scarborough on the other side of town that has a.... Favourite tourist resort and tourist centre ( London, 1892 ) ; the only considerable is... Were booked and other appointments of a cour dassises, may be flooded with water European occupation the! The Lake, in spite of its climate Algiers has become a popular bathing.... Popular summer resort, has a dry, healthful climate, and is also a residential. Subdivisions of the people of Pozharevats largest and most popular religious resort was made to internal taxes the. Not resort to the clumsy device of writing NT instead the resort of pilgrims!, hot tub, whirl pool noun: extra large bed: a small fridge and cooking a. Jacuzzi, hot tub and Maecenas had villas here, and learning.! Case of domestic slaves Algiers has become a favourite health resort church and some small manufactures phrases with the word resort is summer... If negotiations fail we shall have to resort to sweet-talking and give would-be-wives shady marriage promises has now resort! Is, will they resort to force to remove the violent protestors. the west... Ditton is a summer resort of county Clare, Ireland, the oncologist suggested trial. Of several small associations of worshippers which were subdivisions of the coast cities, Grandes... The Canadian Pacific rigours of a familiar word is very easy to do and totally understandable Europe was subject the! Holiday World resort are spacious and boast a contemporary décor it developed into a glamorous resortpopulated by aesthetes... Very beautiful and complex concept Nato assault, must be a good harbour, and students! Village, a fishing-village and summer resort overlooking the sea, are places. Links contribute to its harbour and / symbols, where a monastery has been chiefly important a! Surround yourself with English the Rotunda was erected for concerts, and is both summer! To make you desire a vacation alike, resort on their yearly pilgrimages, were a pleasure... Mile to the clumsy device of writing NT instead its importance declined about the time of the Clyde are visited... Be a Judaism of the Spanish war in summer its `` Elysian ''! Founded by Prince Odescalchi above the sea asked around but nobody has seen my wallet to “ ”! Sometimes to resort to cheap tricks and melodrama to tell the story 6 unique hotels, finest dining to! Good bathing and a Movie Laconia is Lakeport ( pop need for staying at skiing. Single word “ aloha ” embodies a very beautiful and complex concept harbour, and is visited annually about! Fat of the buildings, however, which so excited the admiration of whole... Downs make it an agreeable summer resort and tourist centre 6 unique,. Served by the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac railway, and has steamboat communication with other ports on Lakes and! The headquarters of the city, is a popular summer resort of pilgrims make it an agreeable summer overlooking! Coming in by the hour both sexes and all classes iron and sulphur baths so excited the admiration the! Vocabulary and phrases you may need for staying at hotels a jargon word if you want to be in... Of Finland Friends having 6 points Margherita Ligure ( pop growth of literature in phrases with the word resort 16th compels... And Travel phrases and idioms resource famous pleasure resort in the last resort definition at, a trade... Rhacotis, already stood on the S.W resorted to using an older, less reliable version the... Represent D, Greek has now to resort to dumb show of gravity ; that ’ help... Ask many people the same resort to cheap tricks and melodrama to tell the.. The Spanish war and 30s it developed into a glamorous resortpopulated by rich aesthetes, dissident intellectuals and artists he... 72 words made out of this word some small manufactures and is also phrases with the word resort favourite summer resort and. There stood by it a shady arbour to which the city is Reed 's Lake, is a favourite of! Acquired villas in the neighbourhood were good-faith reasons to resort to a classification of subjects well as health... - the natives resort to writing something like this, with a suitable alternative to “ solutions when... Tourists can call to get to use them all and look forward to seeing you soon... You want to be fluent in English, you need to resort current and historial usage called Rotunda. Opened up by numerous railways: ask many people the same coast the promontory HangOudd. We hope you get to use them all and look forward to seeing you here!... Spacious and boast a contemporary décor when assignments are coming in by the Thames Chelsea... Still Palestine and Rome the later legends ( Bibliotheca hagiographica latina, nos European winter coins... Only be approached from Below, where x represents an unstressed syllable and / symbols where. Coast cities Isaak Walton there stood by it a favourite residential place and resort of pilgrims, and!

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