Enhancing Competitiveness of High-Quality Cassava Flour in West and Central Africa

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HQCF in house project presentation

Cassava Bread and other confectionaries made from composition of wheat flour and high quality cassava flour featured majorly in an in-house seminar presentation by Akinlabi Damilola, a student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan. She offered a glimpse into the production of HQCF from land preparation, planting into the agronomic management of the farm, harvesting into peeling, milling and to the stage of branding the HQCF. In her presentation, she gave an overview of analyses of cassava product samples, moisture content determination, particle size analysis and composite flour bread (wheat 90%) + cassava (10%) production and other skills she has learnt during her course of Industrial training attachment in IITA.

Picture of Miss Damilola presenting.
Miss Damilola presenting.

Dr Awoyale Wasiu, the HQCF Project consultant, chaired the presentation session; others in attendance were Mr Greg Nwaoliwe, Mr James Oyeleso, Owolanke Nifesimi and Jane Ofodile, Florence Adepitan and Alenkhe Bamidele the project coordinator.

Miss Damilola joined the HQCF Project in October 2015 last year on a 3 months Industrial attachment placing.


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